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  • Pre-screening of members guarantees quality and trust
  • 25 years experience on Asian and African markets
  • Assistance with global business development
  • Access to transformational tools and strategies
  • Connect with trusted freight forwarders via our digital freight platform

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Digital Platform for Smart Logistics

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  • Advanced visibility tool
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  • Live schedules of all shipping lines
  • Real time quotations
  • Planning & execution

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About CrossTrades

At CrossTrades we believe strongly in the future development of Africa. Specifically we are ‘opening up’ Africa by building a network of trust to make it more accessible for companies who want to do business there.

CrossTrades is a unique network for traders who share the same vision; offering a trustworthy service, and delivering high quality products at best market rates.

The main focus of the network is to facilitate partnerships and to connect African companies with global traders.

At the same time, we connect international companies with the right partners in Africa.

With the diversity of the African continent and with each country having its own specific challenges, it is not always easy to find the right partners.

The CrossTrades network helps companies to connect with the best and trusted local agents in each market.


Our members feel great about the CrossTrades OBL network; here are some of the things they tell us they feel great about:

  • A managed network, 24/7 support

  • Advanced digital freight platform

  • Full visibility on your shipments*

  • Pre-qualification of members create a network of trust

  • Organization of annual conferences

*if booked via freight platform


If you don’t generate new business through the network, while being an active member, we will help you find out why, and we’ll work with you to get results. You will remain our member for FREE until you do secure extra business thanks to being part of the CrossTrades network.

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Worldwide Network Coverage

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A network of trust.

Known within their particular markets as specialists, all CrossTrades members have a strong local and/or regional presence, offering a very high quality product.

We continuously work on selecting the right members/partners for our network.

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2020 CrossTrades OBL Members Meeting

20-23 September 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

Join us at our annual members meeting in Bangkok for three days of presentations, one to one meetings and exciting networking.

Social Responsibility

At CrossTrades we believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities.

We’ve made this happen through our Partnership with The Innovation Lab Schools, a Koen Timmers initiative, in collaboration with the Jane Goodall institutes for education.

The Innovation Lab Schools offer a free, quality education to 1 million students in Africa.

We support Innovation Lab Schools with a contribution for every new member that joins the network.


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